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After 2018's Snap Back EP we're more than happy to welcome back Taelimb with the Pegasus EP. A 4 tracker rich of diverse drums, bass and vibes ;-)
We're kicking off things with 'Pegasus' which can only be described as Apocalyptic! Hammering drums, with the typical Chilton drum fills, haunting vocals make this one a unique piece of music we fell in love at first listen.
'Gimme More' on the other hand is clearly aimed at peak time dancefloor. We're picturing the energy this one causes after Britney requests us to give her more, while this rolls out relentlessly.
Continuing with 'Cork Screw' and the possibly thinnest break you've heard all year. No worries though it's making lots of room for an enormous bassline that erupts after an ode to the under back part of a womans body, which essentially brings in an element of fun into this release. 
Back at being serious we're rounding off the EP with 'Black Mould'. It begins silky soft, with a nice piano stroke. It lures you into false expectations because when this drops you know the drill. Taelimb plays with light and nice tones and turns this into mayhem amen workout. 
He's playing effortlessly with different styles while maintaining his own sound and that's exactly why we believe he's unique in this scene.

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