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Demand Records celebrates it's 10th anniversary with a string of releases and this is Part 3 of 7! 
Here we see two EastColors originals being remixed by no one other than Jubei and Mark System!
It's not often you see the name Jubei on a remix but when he does, you know it's going to be sick! It's a big privilege to have him onboard on this project, knowing how busy this man is since the launch of his label Carbon Music. Here he takes the stripped back, bleepy Dubby by EastColors and turns it into an effortless percussion rollout! We take a bow!
Naked Skin an original by EastColors and vocalist Tiiu is a halftime/beats track like nothing else out there. Basically, why we love him so much. But when Mark System sent us an epic 8 min 20 second's remix journey back, we were floored. If anyone ever complained about short tracks this one makes up for all of them. It's a stunner and Mark gave it his all.
We've been massive fans of both Jubei & Mark System for decades, them contributing to our 10th year is a bit surreal but also an absolute honor! We hope you like!

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