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Part #4 of the 10 Years Demand celebration comes from label long stay RoyGreen & Protone!
Not many people know this side of the Austrian duo, better known for their jazz influenced liquid D&B. 'Quake' starts of eerie, smooth and misleads you. The drop comes in with full effect. A Heavy, shacking kick and morphing bassline turns into what they'd call a 'steiger'. Certainly a dancefloor artillery!
Another classic from the back cat 'Warman' by the Austrian duo, which was championed by DJ Hype and the likes back in the day, is getting a spin by the young guns Isotropik. 
They built a complete new wild wild west gunfight type of intro that slowly builds up until the vocals come in and you recognise the original. Somehow they managed to keep the half time vibe and made the dub influenced track techy and modern. If they haven't been on your radar yet than I guess they will after this remix. 

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