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The Swiss based label Demand Records is entering year 9 of it's existence. After a very quiet 8th year we have a whole bunch of new releases lined up for you! Starting off the release year, we resurrect the Selects Series which focuses on new talent. But not only that. It's with great pleasure to see 'Axon' back on the map! People that know Demand Records know we did release with George in the past and we're really happy he's back on the buttons. 'Differend' a producer based in Slovakia and 'Isotropik' from the Manchester Area are probably new names you have not heard of yet which are very promising. 'Differend' caught our attention when he turned third on the Confined Remix competition we had last year. The duo 'Isotropik' on the other hand has been sending us demos that turned out better with each batch. 'Subterranea' is their first ever track released! The eerie pads, the pushing baseline, the subtle progression and soft vocals, it all glues perfectly and will hopefully be appreciated in a club and/or home listening environment. Same goes for 'Druid' by 'Differend' which compliments it perfectly. The indigenous vocals and pads just took us back to something early Dub Phizix would have done. Last but not least 'Axon' delivers a brooding stepper with 'Bait08'. Known for his quirky tracks he always brings something fresh and interesting to the table. If that's up your alley, then you'll not be disappointed! We're excited about these guys and hope you enjoy this tonal experience.

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