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12" Vinyl £5.99

VINYL tracklist

In this day and age vinyl releases are getting rare in drum & bass but still we at Demand cherish them. Requisites our 6 part 33 rpm series is an ode to the vinyl culture. Every release symbolizes one particular requisite that you'd evidently need to rock the so called black gold, served by, what else could it be; a butler. And this time with a speaker...
Musically this release is rich in flavors with steppers, rollers & liquid styles of tracks. Enei remixing EastColors has always proven to be a deadly combination, no more words needed. Robustus serving us the deep & brooding NYC. Stash, a newcomer group to the scene, make their vinyl debut with Somehow and after his Selects EP we are serving NZT48 of Andy Pain, a percussion lead roller we've had so much good reactions!
So go get out, play it out loud and don't forget to spread the vibe!

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